Industrial Washers

Industrial Washers minimizes frequency of breakdown and power consumption which resulting in optimum productivity, energy saving and cost reduction. Manufactured by die-punch process. Perfectly flat & absolutely burr free.

Metal Washers.

Aluminium Washers

Washers are generally used as a buffer or space filler between two components, in order to lower manufacturing costs. We can manufacturer aluminum washers to any thickness or diameter, as well as being able to manufacture dedicated tooling to meet your own requirements.

Brass Washers

Brass is particularly useful in applications consisting of low levels of friction, with brass often being used in gears, bearings or plumbing and electrical appliances. Although many metals spark, brass does not, so it is often used in fittings and applications. Brass is also malleable and has superb acoustic properties, making it useful for a number of different applications.

Copper Washers

Due to its unique properties, copper has very high thermal and electrical conductivity, and is also very soft and malleable in its pure form, making it ideal for applications in which customization is a high priority.